Frequently Asked Questions about General Information
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Frequently Asked Questions about General Information

What is the NDSA Portal for?

The portal provides links, resources, and tools to help students and educators take full advantage of Cambium Assessment (CAI) systems.

What are the help desk hours?

NDSA Service Desk is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. Central.

What is TIDE?

TIDE stands for "Test Information Distribution Engine." The TIDE system provides administrators with the tools to add and manage users and students participating in the ELA, Math, and Science NDSA assessments.

When will the DAs and DTCs receive their user names and passwords to access the site to start the setup of SCs, TEs, and TAs?

The original list of DAs and DTCs provided by the state should have received will receive their log-ins and passwords. All other roles must be added in TIDE by the DA or DTC.

How will I receive a score report for my students?

Your students' individual score reports will be available for download from the Online Reporting System (ORS).

Do Students need to download the Secure Browser to take the Training Test?

No. Students can use the secure browser; however, students can also use recent versions of the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari browsers to take the practice or training tests, or they can use the native browsers built into iPads and Android tablets. Please be aware that the text-to-speech functionality is available only when using the secure browser.