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Frequently Asked Questions about Test Administration

Are users required to complete the Online TA Certification Course?

The Online TA Certification Course is required for all staff who will be administrating the North Dakota State Assessment.

Do Test Administrators need to establish a TIDE account before administering the Practice or Training tests?

Students can take the practice or training tests in a proctored test session set up by a test administrator or as guests outside of a proctored test session. TAs must have an account in TIDE to initiate a proctored test session. TAs will use the same username and password to set up the proctored test session as they use to log into TIDE. We encourage TAs to practice setting up a proctored test session using the practice or training tests so they will have experience with how to do this before administering the summative tests.

Can any student request to print items/passages from the test?

No. Only students with a set accommodation in TIDE can use the print on demand feature during a test. Print on demand is not an accommodation that is accessible to the general student population and should not be used as a way to take a test on paper.

How do I access NDSA test results?

Access to reports and features depends on your user role in TIDE. You can only view data for your associated entity (such as a district or school) and the students, rosters, and entities that belong to it.